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Q. Just what is considered "an event of special significance to the amateur service community"?
A. There are only 750 call signs available for temporary use. A special event operation usually commemorates an event which is publicly significant to the amateur community. Ideally, this is a one time, or recurring celebration, festival, anniversary, convention, dedication, or public demonstration of amateur radio or the like. Special event call signs may not be requested just so that you will be able to have a short call sign during an upcoming amateur radio operating event or contest. While special events may be scheduled during special "on-air" operational periods designated or sponsored by various amateur organizations, A special event call sign coordinator may determine that your planned special event operation is not in keeping with the intent of the Special Event Call Sign System. Coordinators have wide latitude in the acceptance, rejection or cancellation of 1x1 call sign reservations.

Q. Who may reserve a Special Event One-by-One call sign?
A. Any licensed amateur radio operator. You do not need to hold any specific class of operator license to reserve a special event call sign. It is important that a legitimate special event is taking place.

Q. How do I go about reserving a Special Event One-by-One call sign?
A. You simply contact any authorized Special Event Call Sign Coordinator. This may be done by regular mail, telephone, FAX, e-mail or through their Internet web page.

Q. What information is needed by the Special Event Call Sign Coordinator?
A. They will need the following information so that it may be posted to the One-by-One Call Sign Database.

1. One-by-One Call Sign requested. (You may list up to ten call signs in order of preference.)
2. Beginning/ending operating dates of your special event. (May not exceed 15 days.)
3. Name of your special event. (May not exceed 30 characters)
4. Your name. (Must be same as on your operator license.)
5. Your current station call sign.
6. Your mailing address.
7. Your telephone number. (Where you may be reached during the daytime.)
8. Your e-mail address. (If you have one.)

Q. How far in advance do I need to reserve a Special Event call sign?
A. You may reserve a special event call sign up to one year in advance on a first-come, first-serve basis. Short notice reservations will also be accommodated if a specific 1x1 call sign is available.

Q. How will I be notified that my request for a 1x1 call sign has been approved?
A. Your reservation will be posted to the One-by-One Database. Depending upon the coordinator, this can take place almost immediately ...or it could take up to a week.

Q. May I cancel a Special Event call sign if it is not needed?
A. Yes. But cancellations can only be made through the Special Event Call Sign Coordinator who made the original reservation. You will have to request a new call sign reservation if the dates of your event change. Special Event Call Sign Coordinators may also cancel a previously made 1x1 call sign reservation if a determination is made that the action is in the best interest of the Special Event Call Sign System.

Q. How long may I use the special event call sign?
A. Fifteen days is the maximum length of time. It is anticipated, however, that most operating events will last only one to three days. Do NOT reserve a call sign for a period longer than needed.

Q. What about possible abuses of the Special Event Call Sign System?
A. Amateurs can be denied future call sign reservations if the Coordinator determines that your planned operation did not conform to high standards or that your reservation circumvents (or circumvented) the intent of the Special Event Call Sign System. The Coordinator has the authority to cancel a previously accepted reservation for any reason and a coordinator's decision is final without appeal. The objective of the Special Event Call Sign System is to provide a unique call sign for a planned amateur radio operation which honors -- or calls attention to -- a notable public event.

Q. May I reserve 1x1 call signs for more than one event at a time ... or for longer than 15 days?
A. Ordinarily an amateur would reserve a 1x1 call sign for a single event. The period of operation may not exceed 15 days. (unless a persuasive showing is made that the event time frame is so extraordinary that exceeding the 15-day call sign assignment is appropriate.) Amateurs may not reserve multiple bordering 15 day periods. Reserving more than one 1x1 call sign during a calendar year is discouraged.

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