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The regulations that apply to Special Event Call Sign System are found in Parts 0 and 97 of Chapter I of Title 47 of the code of Federal Regulations which have been amended as follows:

Part 0  Commission Organization  -- New paragraph reads as follows:

§ 0.131  Functions of the Bureau.

(p)  Certifies, in the name of the Commission, volunteer entities to coordinate, maintain and disseminate a common data base of amateur station special event call signs, and issues Public Notices detailing the procedures of amateur service call sign systems.

Part 97  Amateur Radio Service

Section 97.3(a)(11)(iii)  is added to read as follows:

(a) The definitions of terms used in part 97 are:

(11) Call sign system. The method used to select a call sign for amateur station over-the-air identification purposes. The call sign systems are:

(i) Sequential call sign system. The call sign is selected by the FCC from an alphabetized list corresponding to the geographic region of the licensee's mailing address and operator class. The call sign is shown on the license. The FCC will issue public announcements detailing the procedures of the sequential call sign system.

(ii) Vanity call sign system. The call sign is selected by the FCC from a list of call signs requested by the licensee. The call sign is shown on the license. The FCC will issue public announcements detailing the procedures of the vanity call sign system.

(iii) Special event call sign system. The call sign is selected by the station licensee from a list of call signs shown on a common data base coordinated, maintained and disseminated by the amateur station special event call sign data base coordinators. The call sign must have the single letter prefix K, N or W, followed by a single numeral 0 through 9, followed by a single letter A through W or Y or Z (for example K1A). The special event call sign is substituted for the call sign shown on the station license grant while the station is transmitting. The FCC will issue public announcements detailing the procedures of the special event call sign system.

Section 97.119 (d) is amended to read as follows:

(d) When transmitting in conjunction with an event of special significance, a station may substitute for its assigned call sign a special event call sign as shown for that station for that period of time on the common data base coordinated, maintained and disseminated by the special event call sign data base coordinators. Additionally, the station must transmit its assigned call sign at least once per hour during such transmissions.

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